Steam Treatment for BedBugs

Steam treatment is another great way to kill bed bugs in their tracks before causing anymore damage to you and your mental well-being. Bed bug steamers effectively heat up the areas in which bed bugs are living and kill them on contact with extreme levels of steam heat. Though, steam treatment is very effective in killing bed bugs in your home it should be noted that it is a “contact kill”, meaning there is no residual effect after the job is done. Bed bug steam treatment is a more affordable solution and very effective, though not as fool-proof as bed bug heat treatment.

 How Does Steam Treatment Kill Bed Bugs?

We use bed bug steamers that release high levels of high temperature steam heat and apply it to the areas where bed bugs have been spotted. Steamers are great for furniture, mattresses and anything that is tricky to handle or throw away. The steam released from the bed bug steamers kills bed bugs instantly.

 Steam is Eco-Friendly

Steam is an eco-friendly solution that requires no chemicals, just heat and steam. This means you can be extra sure that your children and pests are safe throughout the treatment.

While you can attempt to rent a steamer yourself, it’s best left to the professionals as there is more involved than just steaming the life out of your apartment or home. Understanding where bed bugs live and how to find them is key to success in any bed bug infestation. Call us today for a free estimate on your situation.

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